Project Eat-Better

project eat better

In Singapore, 1 in 10 Singaporeans are food insecure. Not only do they struggle throughout the month to put food on the table, it becomes a challenge for them to adopt healthier eating with a “shoestring” budget.

Most beneficiaries have the perception that eating well means spending more on food. The Food Bank Singapore aims to change this mindset through education, advocacy and also by supplementing their usual food supplies with healthier options.

Only when one eats well, can they perform better in school or at work. Hence, we genuinely feel that food is the best medication against preventable diseases i.e. Diabetes and heart disease. By eating better, we may be able to help people save on future medical bills that may be incurred as a result of poor eating habits.

We are currently inviting corporate partners to be a part of this project.
The amount of funds required is about $250,000.
The funds raised will be used over the course of 2016 to cover the following aspects:

1) Our Fresh Food Truck

food truck

The truck will be a fully equipped mobile pantry targeted at reducing food wastage by collecting excess fresh food and redistributing them to the underprivileged in Singapore. It will also double up as our vehicle to transport other donated food.


  • Reduce food wastage.
  • Enhance the accessibility and availability of fresh and healthy food for the underprivileged.
  • Educate and spread the importance of healthy eating.

Apart from serving its purpose as a vehicle, the fresh food truck acts as a meeting point where we partner with industry professionals to organise events and nutritional talks. We plan to conduct cooking classes to enable the underprivileged to pick up healthy cooking tips from chefs.


Our eat-better cookbook is a compilation of recipes that feature regularly donated food rations as well as fresh and healthy food products to share ideas with the underprivileged on how they can prepare meals that are nutritional yet affordable.

Elements of the cookbook:

  • All recipes will be within a budget to enable readers to plan their expenses.
  • Nutritional value of each recipe will be provided.
  • Recipes will be featured on our YouTube channel

If you are a chef or home cook and wish to share your recipes or videos, drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

3) Our Healthy Food Supplements

In order for Project Eat-Better to run smoothly, The Food Bank needs to set aside funds for the purchase of healthier foods to supplement existing donations that are not as healthy. Some of the healthier foods may range from oats, unpolished rice to eggs, fresh vegetables and meats.


Find out more about our Healthy Food Bundles and how you can pledge a bundle here.