Food Pantry CFO Bites

Hello Fellow Foodbankers,

It has been an exciting start to the year for The Food Bank Singapore.We are excited to share our latest initiative The Food Pantry located at 100 Sims Avenue.

Most of our donated items are well accepted and distributed to our 160 member beneficiary organisations. However, there are still about 10% of products that may be left on the shelf either due to the extremely short shelf life or due to some slight damages on the packaging.

Therefore, instead of throwing these items away which contributes to FOOD WASTE, we decided, why not give them a last shot at getting picked up by consumers who may have some use for the product.

All products at The Food Pantry regardless of size and brand will go for S$1.00. The money collected goes to covering our overheads at the pantry. This is more of a marketing campaign for us than it is a fund-raising campaign.

We are using the Food Pantry as a tool to convert consumers shopping habits and also to let them know that even close to expiry items can still be as good for consumption and should not be thrown before the due dates.

If we can start creating the acceptance of these goods, it will greatly help us in our campaign to reduce food wastage.

On top of this, we are hoping that the Food Pantry can also act as another drop off point for our food donations and for the underprivileged. It can also become an emergency Food Aid since we open from 10am – 10pm daily.

Mechanics are still being worked out on how we can get this program running.

We are very heartened by the 1st week of sales as many items have been wiped out quickly. We request for the public to be patient as we try to replenish the stocks on the shelves, keeping in mind that our priority is still to distribute all donations to those in need and only in dire situations do the items end up on the shelves in the pantry.

Once again we would like to thank everyone’s support!

Let The Feeding Begin!

Nichol Ng
Chief Food Officer
The Food Bank Singapore