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The Food Pantry is a shop that FBSG has set up to sell consumable food that is close to expiry date. Most of the beneficiaries that FBSG works with have a rule on the minimum shelf life for food, with most requiring a minimum of two months before expiry. This leaves us with a lot of miscellaneous food with less than two months of shelf life that is sometimes unable to re-distribute.

Instead of wasting such food, FBSG has decided to sell these near expiry food items at S$1.00 to raise awareness. The idea is to encourage consumption of these food items, giving them a ‘last shot’ at getting picked up by consumers who may have some use for the products.

“We are on a mission to increase the awareness that food, even those close to their use by dates are perfect for consumption. If more food closer to the expiry date can be consumed, then there will be less wastage. The same goes for ugly fruits and vegetables,” - Nichol Ng, Chief Food Officer of FBSG.

The food to be sold will come from all sources of donations. Some items may be very slightly damaged but are still of excellent quality.

Donation made easy
Additionally, the pantry will double up as another drop off point for potential donors, making donations and pick up more convenient.

The Food Pantry
100 Sims Avenue
Singapore 387426
Open daily from 12pm to 6pm, 7pm to 10pm

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