Food ReXycling Day

In Celebration of our 1st Anniversary,  The Food Bank Singapore will be organising our 1st Annual Food REXYCLING Day. 

What is Food ReXycling?

Perishable and cooked foods can be recycled and reproduced as organic fertilisers or bio-fuels.However, our main purpose is not to collect such food but packaged foods that can still be eaten or will otherwise be thrown away. 
Most of us will have some canned foods, sauces or biscuits in our cupboards which are unopened and unused.  These are what we are targeting to ReXycle.

How can you participate? 

Donate Your OLD FOOD for REXYCLING! 

We will be collecting any OLD (NOT EXPIRED and UNOPENED) food that you have in your home or office pantry. Clean out your cupboards and do some good by ReXycling these foods. 

Bulk Donation of OLD FOODS 

Calling all FOOD COMPANIES!  
If you have any unsold excess goods to donate to our REXYCLING initiative, you can also take this opportunity to clear your warehouse. 

"Don't Bin It when You Can Still Eat it!"

Selected products, most highly sought after by our beneficiaries, will be sold at ROCK BOTTOM prices. What you need to do is to purchase one of those items to donate to The Food Bank Singapore and you will get to enjoy these great deals yourself!

Grocery Shopping!

Our partner FoodXervices Inc will be opening their doors for everyone to do some grocery shopping. All shoppers will be given a 25% Discount for their purchases on that day! 

Want some EXTRA discounts?

Bring along at least 1 OLD FOOD (NOT EXPIRED and UNOPENED) to be ReXycled and you can get an EXTRA 5% off your total bill.
For example, bring along 1 can of UNOPENED TUNA to donate for "REXYCLING" and you will get an EXTRA 5% discount.

Donate OnLine!

Cannot make it for the event? You can also log onto to purchase and donate food items to The Food Bank Singapore!
For any queries, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to seeing everyone!

Let the Feeding Begin!

Nichol & Nicholas Ng
The Food Bank Singapore